After you have logged in you will be taken to the Control Panel Home. From here you can manage all aspects of your service. At the top you will see the Tools section. Tis section will allows you to change all of the aspects of your account. The following three ( 3 ) icons represent the only tools that you may use at this screen.

The Edit tool allows you to change your personal information such as your name, address, phone, and password.

The Report tool allows you to view various statistics about your service. Account limits, traffic, services allowed.

The Traffic tool allows you to view your traffic information. How much bandwidth you have used, what pages are the most visited, etc...

At the bottom of the pages you will see a list of domains that are linked to your account. You may have more than one however most will not. To manage a specific domain you must click on the name in the list. Managing a domain allows you to change all aspects of the particular domain such as email accounts, databases, etc... The list will look something like: